The Secret to Verint’s WFM Success in the Asia-Pacific Region

Every two years Pelorus Associates publishes a comprehensive analysis of the global market for workforce management software. Our most recent report, cleverly named 2020 World Workforce Management Systems Market, was released in August. The report revealed that in 2019 Verint Systems was again the global leader, capturing 28% of the $605 million market for WFM software. This is a repeat of the results for 2017. To no small measure, Verint’s success can be traced to … Read More

WFO Reimagined: Verint Launches the Customer Engagement Hub

Arguably, no function within the modern enterprise harbours more valuable consumer data than contact centres. Every day formal and informal contact centres hear from customers, prospects, investors, employees, vendors, and other constituents. 

Unfortunately, these organizations often function like libraries in reverse. Valuable content is deposited every day but seldom withdrawn. The information is squirreled away in various data lockers accessible only with different keys controlled by different individuals and departments. Successful enterprises require timely and … Read More

Realigning the Bank Branch for the New Normal with Analytics

COVID-19 has caused significant constraints on the bank branch channel with temporary closures and service limits—while moving nearly half of the branch interactions to digital channels and contact centers.

These developments present banking leaders with new risks and strategic challenges for realigning branch delivery and resources.

Survey Results

A recent survey of Kiran Analytics, Verint’s branch business unit, customers representing nearly 40,000 branches showed widely varied responses to the pandemic.

And when asked about how … Read More

How to Equitably Manage Employee Productivity Across Teams, Sites and Work-from-Home Staff

In preparation for our Verint Virtual Customer Engagement Conference, I recently interviewed a business analyst at a large global insurer. Unfortunately, she became camera shy and declined to be recorded, but she did share with me their journey to improved operational visibility and employee productivity in their back-office operations, which spans locations across the globe.

To protect her anonymity, I’m going to call her Jane. Following is a transcript of our conversation. You can … Read More

Transitioning Your Back-Office Workforce to Work from Home

You’ve likely made the recent decision to have the majority of your employees work from home. This presents many challenges including employee communication, connectivity and engagement. But it also presents a challenge to managers who need to understand who is doing what and when to ensure production and service goals are met.

How do you do this when you can no longer walk the floor to see how people are working? 

Luckily, you may already … Read More

4 Essential Questions to Answer for a Successful Cloud Move

So you’re thinking of moving to the cloud for your
customer engagement solutions.

According to Digital Journal, over 90% of all enterprises project to use cloud platforms to innovate and improve agility by 2021. In other words, you know that your peers and competitors are moving to cloud to improve the customer experience (CX) and lower costs.If you’re ready to begin innovation in the cloud, what should you consider first? We created an eBook, “4 Read More

Do You Have an Employee 35?

At our customer conference, Engage, an insurance company executive told an eye-popping story about a discovery they made with application usage data. They discovered an employee who was working a full day plus mandatory overtime, yet was only spending 25% of his time on actual production work. On average 61% of his time was spent idle or inactive!

No, he wasn’t a remote employee that the manager couldn’t physically see. He worked in the … Read More

Verint Takes Charge with WFM for All

Verint has a WFM solution for any environment that receives high (and low) volumes of interactions at a highly variable rate. This includes both large and small contact centres, back office functions, and branch operations. Furthermore, the product can be procured through both traditional on-premise purchases as well as the cloud. It doesn’t matter which call server you choose. Verint provides the options, and customers decide what’s best for them.

Let’s consider the plight of … Read More

Celebrating the employees on the front lines of our business

This week we celebrate Customer Service Week–an annual week-long event that spotlights the people who do an increasingly complex job that presents new, unpredictable challenges every day. It’s a mission-critical function that greatly impacts the overall customer experience. Even with all the automation technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), algorithms and robots, our people continue to make the difference when it comes to service.

Have you considered that great customer service is the foundation of … Read More

Verint Head in to 2018 with Great Momentum

This year, we celebrated several acquisitions that will see Verint continue to deliver robust Customer Engagement solutions to organisations across the region and we head into the New Year with some significant momentum.

In October, Verint acquired Verba Technologies (, a leading RegTech vendor. We now offer a broad portfolio of technologies designed specifically for the financial compliance market with industry-specific features including scalable compliance recording, speech analytics, and proactive policy control technology.

In … Read More