Verint Speeds Up the Hiring Process in a Red-Hot Labour Market

Dick Bucci, Founder and Chief Analyst, Pelorus Associates

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics there were 10.1 million vacant jobs as of the end of June 2021—far exceeding the number of job seekers. Any doubts about a labour shortage can be erased simply by looking at all the help wanted signs. 

Contact centres are feeling the brunt when it comes to finding qualified people in an era of plentiful good paying jobs. The challenge … Read More

The Future of Work Is Coming into View

We’re all working differently right now. Some of you reading this are sitting in a makeshift home office in what used to be a dining room when you’d typically be chatting with a team member over a cubicle wall. Things are different, and they’re going to stay different.

The way we work has forever changed, but in many ways, technological innovations were already changing before the pandemic hit. COVID-19 just accelerated this ongoing transformation.

What … Read More

Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant First to be Named a Leader in Three Distinguished Industry Evaluations

Cited for Innovative AI Capabilities, Open Integrations and Customer Satisfaction

Verint IVA Receives Perfect Scores for Features and Technology, Integration and Scalability

Verint today announced that multiple industry research evaluations have named its Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) solution a market leader. Opus Research named Verint a leader for perfect Features and Technology, and Integration and Scalability criteria scores in its 2021 Decision Makers’ Guide to Enterprise Intelligent Assistants report.1 Kisaco Research placed Verint at … Read More

Verint Engagement Data Management: The Enterprise Pipe Dream Realised

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a pipe dream is an illusory or fantastic hope or plan. also defines a pipe dream as any fantastic notion or hope. I believe today’s enterprise would define a pipe dream as the ability to bring together customer interaction data from various silos throughout the organisation into a single hub, normalise the data and make it available in a usable form to the various organisational functions and departments.  

The … Read More

Breaking Down Financial Industry Buzzwords: The Reality of Cloud

If you’ve been in the technology industry for any amount of time, you’re likely familiar with the prevalence of buzzwords. They can be both relevant and nonsensical: some are truly beneficial and impactful, while others are too broad and can create confusion.

That’s why it’s important to break down the reality of buzzwords, which is what we aim to do throughout this blog series. 

First up: the cloud. There’s no doubt that you’ve heard of … Read More

The State of the Financial Industry: Insight from Leading Banks and Credit Unions

The financial industry is one that must always stay on its toes when it comes to security. 

Banks and credit unions face unique challenges that incorporate compliance requirements, while the risk landscape is constantly evolving and includes more threats than ever before. Throw in the effects of a global pandemic and it becomes crystal clear why a proactive approach is necessary. 

Sharing best practices and technology solutions that can help achieve this goal is paramount, … Read More

Verint IVAs Help Customers and Employees Navigate Through Uncertain Times

The global COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic has drastically changed the way of life for billions of people. Things are also far from normal, predictable, or regular for enterprises, including how they interact with their customers, who are likely asking questions about how the virus is affecting your business or organization.

Verint is experienced in providing solutions when your contact centre experiences a rush of customer requests related to out-of-the-ordinary circumstances. And we’re putting that experience to … Read More

How Intelligence Is Transforming Virtual Assistants In conversation with . . .

Artificial intelligence has left the research laboratories and entered real-world applications across many industries, delivering significant value. A good example is the enterprise virtual assistance (VA) space, where I recently created an Ovum Decision Matrix (ODM) to compare vendor products side by side.

In recent years, the use of AI in what we now call intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) has been transformative. Through digital transformation, more business is moving online to the cloud and off … Read More

2020 will shape up to become the Year of the AI-Powered customer journey

Mila D’Antonio, Principal Analyst, Customer Engagement, Omdia (formerly Ovum)

In the evolving Experience Economy, 2020 is shaping up to become the year enterprises apply the building blocks to enable proactive, personalized experiences at every step of the customer journey. In this dynamic environment, organizations must continuously re-calculate the next-best action for each customer, and at each moment.

This requires a shift from traditional customer journey mapping tools to a more holistic and actionable approach of … Read More

Registration is open for Verint Virtual!

Verint is going virtual this year! Registration is now open for Verint Virtual, our free two-day digital event. See how Verint can help you succeed in these extraordinary times.

Learn from your colleagues and industry experts’ new ways to succeed, manage the current crisis, and prepare for the recovery leveraging your customer engagement solutions.
We’ll uncover best practices, tips, and innovations that you can start using today in your company’s contact centre, customer experience, back-office … Read More