A Maturity Path to Extend WFM into the Back Office

My last blog post, Extending WFM into the Back Office Is Easier with a WFM Center of Excellence (CoE), focused on how to evolve your back office to adopt a new, consistent way of working with workforce management (WFM), including processes, practices and technology. In this blog, I focus on maximizing the value of WFM by changing the way you work in a prescriptive manner.

So where do you start with WFM in the back … Read More

Do You Really Know Your Customers?

In our recent Verint Webinar featuring Forrester’s Brendan Witcher and Sur La Table’s Rachel Frederick, we heard a riveting exploration of why less than 1% of customers say they’re having excellent experiences.

Meanwhile, senior leadership seems to consistently say that they are delighting customers. Why is there a disconnect? Brendan thinks to answer this question, we need to ask another one: “Do we really understand our customers?”

While we will share some insight below on … Read More

Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) Named a Winner in the “Intelligent Agent” Category of AI Excellence Awards Program

Verint is pleased to share that Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant was recently named a product winner by the Business Intelligence Group in the “Intelligent Agent” category for the AI Excellence Awards Program. This awards program recognizes the organizations, products and people who bring Artificial Intelligence (AI) to life and apply it to solve real problems.

“Artificial Intelligence is now playing a major role in our lives as the technology expands,” said Maria Jimenez, chief nominations … Read More

Verint Named a Winner on the Prestigious CRM Watchlist for the Fourth Year Running

2022 List Recognizes Industry Leaders for Significant and Sustainable Impact on the Market

Verint®  announced that it was named a winner on the 2022 CRM Watchlist, an annual evaluation conducted by industry analyst Paul Greenberg, president of the 56 Group, LLC and notable CRM author. 

The CRM Watchlist recognizes companies that not only had the most impact in the customer-facing technology world in the past year, but also are likely to maintain that … Read More

City of Hamilton (Canada) Leverages Verint to Ensure Service Consistency in an Ever-Changing Environment

The City of Hamilton in Ontario, Canada, sits on the western tip of Lake Ontario. More than 500,000 residents depend on the municipality for public health, social services, waste removal, and a variety of other services—with the City’s contact centre typically the initial point of contact.

Not surprisingly, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic brought sweeping changes to the City’s service delivery. “People were scared, anxious, and, often times, just needed somebody else to talk … Read More

Verint Customer Experience Benchmarks: Differentiate from the Competition and Delight Your Customers

Consumers know what a “good” customer experience feels like—they are already getting it from brands such as Amazon, Google, American Express, and others. Customers are always comparing you with best-in-class brands—as well as with your peers—every time they interact with you, whether or not you are in the same industry or have the same resources. 

Do you know how you compare? If not, your customer experience management program might be missing a vital component—benchmarking context.… Read More

Maximising Business Operations for Digital Transformation Success – An Interview with Dai Shuangzhu, Vice President, Beijing Teamsun Technology

In recent years, the new generation of information technology represented by the internet, big data, cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) has accelerated its widespread penetration into various fields and has become an important driving force in promoting digital transformation and organisational development.

The contact centre industry has long been open to innovation and adoption of new technologies. In the transformation of “digital intelligence”, the contact centre industry is at the forefront of digitisation and has … Read More

Public Sector Customer Experience: A New Executive Order Puts People at the Centre of Government

You may have heard that President Biden signed an executive order on December 13, 2021, to transform federal customer experience (CX) and service delivery as a way to rebuild trust in government.

“The federal government must design and deliver services in a manner that people of all abilities can navigate. We must use technology to modernise government and implement services that are simple to use, accessible, equitable, protective, transparent, and responsive for all people of … Read More

How Back-Office Operations Can Sabotage Your CX Strategy

Last week was Customer Service Week! A great time to celebrate customer advocacy and happiness. Organisations are investing in customer experience-enhancing solutions and improving customer interactions. 

But did you know that, according to research from Aberdeen, 17% of customer dissatisfaction calls into the contact centre are because of issues in the back office?1 It is unfortunate because these poor customer experiences impact brand reputation, are counterproductive to contact centre CX initiatives, and are entirely … Read More

Happy Customer Service Week from Verint!

Happy Customer Service Week from all of us at Verint!

Customer Service Week—as many of you know—is not new. And after the last year, we can all see that this year is a particularly good one to celebrate the people on the front lines of customer service—the ones who have kept everything moving forward despite exceptional, profound, unpredictable challenges.

According to the Customer Service Group, the U.S. Congress proclaimed Customer Service Week in 1992 … Read More