Forbes Comms Council: 12 Keys That Business Leaders Should Consider To Improve CX

The 24th of November was Thanksgiving in the United States, putting the spotlight on retail—Black Friday.

And really, isn’t it always about customer experience? Businesses around the world—retail or otherwise—experience success or failure through the customer experience they provide.

Verint Chief Marketing Officer Celia Fleischaker was one of the Forbes Communications Council members who recently shared her ideas on how to improve customer experience. Hint: She recently added using AI technology to her holiday wish … Read More

Global CX Solutions Provider Startek® Deploys Verint Speech Analytics to Enable World-Class Experiences for Customers

Verint’s AI-Powered Speech Analytics Solution Helps Startek Derive Insights from 500 Million Customer Interactions Annually for Improved Customer Relationships 

MELVILLE, N.Y., Nov. 17, 2022 – Verint® (NASDAQ: VRNT), The Customer Engagement Company®, today announced that Startekâ is leveraging Verint Speech Analytics to derive insights from the company’s more than 500 million annual customer interactions.  

Startek is a global provider of tech-enabled customer experience management solutions, digital transformation, and technology … Read More

Building a Modern Customer Engagement Strategy with Channel Automation

Your customers expect you to engage with them on whatever channel they reach out. The challenge is that those customers expect an effortless experience, regardless of the channel.

Organisations need a new approach that allows them to not only meet customer expectations as interaction volume grows, but also make it possible for brands to engage in a truly omnichannel manner. And, as recent research shows, customers are increasingly likely to look for service through convenient … Read More

Why One Workforce Works and Delivering Amazing Customer Experiences

The economic climate in late 2022 is challenging for both consumers and retailers. Inflation keeps ramping up and supply chains are unpredictable at best. Although we use the term customer expectations, right now customers often don’t know what to expect. 

Will their order arrive when they need it? Will the queue for customer service phone calls be prohibitively long? Did someone actually receive their email or text message requesting information or support, or did … Read More

3 Customer Engagement ‘Treats’ This Halloween

The leaves are changing color. Pumpkin-spiced lattes are still flying out of coffee shops. (American) football is almost halfway through the season. And, Halloween is here (and therefore we get to write a Halloween themed blog). 🎃

Let’s be honest, resolving a customer service issue is never fun. And that’s being kind. We’ve all had bad interactions with brands—while you might occasionally have a positive one, unfortunately, that’s rarely the rule. You’re more likely to … Read More

The Total Economic Impact of Verint Experience Management

What is impact? For customer experience, it might be moving the needle on customer satisfaction or speeding time to action. Though the benefits of CX improvement can feel intangible, the truth is that it is not only possible, but vital to measure the return on investment (ROI) from your CX efforts. Especially when your organisation makes choices about what products to invest in, which approaches to use and what projects to prioritise—having concrete value data … Read More

The Marriage of Marketing and Customer Experience Management

As a marketing major, former director of marketing, university marketing instructor, and now a longtime industry analyst, I often reflect on similarities between the two disciplines of customer experience management and marketing management.

For example:

  • Both share the common objectives of customer retention, revenue growth, brand loyalty, and fostering a reputation for superior customer care.
  • Both disciplines seek to better understand customer behaviors and motivations.
  • Both rely on end-user behavior and perceptions when assessing performance.
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Did You Hear? Verint Named to Constellation Shortlist for Conversational AI

Verint recently announced it was named to the inaugural Constellation ShortListfor Conversational AI. This recognition demonstrates continued innovation in Conversational AI for Verint’s Digital-First Engagement Solutions—the technology vendors and service providers included in this research deliver critical transformation initiative requirements for early adopters and fast-follower organisations.

Constellation Research considers a number of criteria when choosing solutions for their shortlist. Conversational AI solutions must integrate natural-language-understanding (NLU) capabilities, understand users and personalise conversations for each … Read More

New Study Shows Retail Customer Experience is Key to Earning Shoppers’ Discretionary Dollars in an Era of High Inflation

More Than Two-Thirds Are Less Confident in the Economy Than a Year Ago and 76 Percent Are Spending Less, Trimming Retail Purchases

MELVILLE, N.Y., Sept. 29, 2022 — Verint® (NASDAQ: VRNT), The Customer Engagement Company, today released the findings of a new study that shows nearly two-thirds of consumers polled are less confident in the economy than a year ago and 76 percent of them are spending less money, with entertainment and … Read More

Omdia Ranks Experience Cloud as an XM “Market Leader” | Verint

Sun Tzu Said:A clever fighter is one who not only wins but excels in winning with ease.(The Art of War IV:11)

The Art of War has been applied to almost any area of life you may think of, from business to parenting and from gardening to space exploration.

In the realm of customer experience, particularly digital CX, the words of Sun Tzu often ring true. The quote at the top of this blog specifically applies to high maturity CX programs. Where almost every brand has ways to resolve customer issues, building a CX program and advancing … Read More