Subscribing to Fraud and Security Innovation

It’s a fact: The technology market moves in cycles. The purchase, deployment, and maintenance of security systems have been a traditional process in the past. You’ve selected the video system that works for your organization, and your systems integrator partner installs it and maintains it for a fee. 

This is how it’s always been, and little new has been offered to change the process. 

But times have changed. With the demand for cloud services and … Read More

Did You Hear? Verint Makes Big News at Last Week’s Engage 2022

Last week at Engage 2022, Verint made several announcements we want to make sure you saw.  Company executives kicked off the event by unveiling One WorkforceTM and Total QualityTM to help our customers meet today’s constantly evolving consumer demands and drive a consistent, high-quality customer experience.

Verint also announced the winners of the global customer and partner awards recognising their ongoing commitment to customer engagement success. And finally, the results of the State … Read More

Cut Call Authentication Costs and Handle Time with Verint Call Risk Scoring

It’s a delicate balance. On one hand, you need to keep your customers and their data—as well as your company’s own finances—secure. But when you authenticate your callers, you need a process that’s not a hassle for your customers, and isn’t adding costly handle time to your contact centre budget.  

Verint Da Vinci Call Risk Scoring Service is built with both your customers’ time, and your agents’ time, in mind. For years, this solution … Read More

Contact Centre Pipeline: Closing the Engagement Capacity Gap in 2022

Chances are high that you still find it challenging to support winning customer experiences—perhaps now more than ever.

You’ve dealt with the dramatic, life-altering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic—and now your organization looks ahead to see a future of constant change and continued challenges in engaging with customers.

Like you, beyond reorienting operations and building a sustainable remote workforce, businesses face new difficulties, including widespread disruption in the global supply chain and significant staffing shortages … Read More

GNC Meets Customers’ Digital Needs and Finds Opportunity in a Crisis

GNC started with a simple storefront in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1935. Now, with more than 4,800 locations in the U.S. and Canada, GNC has become a global wellness brand that prides itself on meeting the growing and fast-changing needs of its customers. Like many other retail businesses at the onset of COVID-19 about two years ago, GNC experienced sudden declines in store traffic and was hampered by having to shift customer service representatives to remote … Read More

Puzzled by the Missing Pieces?

Have you ever spent hours putting together a jigsaw puzzle, only to discover that there are some missing pieces and realizing you’ll never be able to complete the whole picture?  Well, that’s basically what it’s like when you don’t have a unified view of each customer engagement.

As the number of interactions grows, customers are weighing every experience they have with your organization. And, of course, you want each of these interactions to be as … Read More

The Harel Group Improves Customer Satisfaction and Reduces Churn with Verint Workforce Engagement Technology

Harel Group uses Verint to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty


As Israel’s largest insurance and finance group, Harel Group has 1,900 agents spread across six locations. Given the company’s breadth of products, including health insurance, life and non-life insurance, pension funds, mutual funds, and more, the company’s contact centre handles inquiries spanning every stage of the product lifecycle. From providing information and generating sales leads, to assisting with claims and payments, to helping customers … Read More

Verint Named a Winner on the Prestigious CRM Watchlist for the Fourth Year Running

2022 List Recognizes Industry Leaders for Significant and Sustainable Impact on the Market

Verint®  announced that it was named a winner on the 2022 CRM Watchlist, an annual evaluation conducted by industry analyst Paul Greenberg, president of the 56 Group, LLC and notable CRM author. 

The CRM Watchlist recognizes companies that not only had the most impact in the customer-facing technology world in the past year, but also are likely to maintain that … Read More

BNP Paribas Poland Automates Objective and Consistent Quality Assurance with Verint

BNP Paribas Poland supports 3.9 million customers through almost 460 bank branches. The organisation is a subsidiary of BNP Paribas, the European Union’s leading bank, operating in 68 countries with more than 193,000 employees. Already supporting 1.3 million customers through digital channels, the bank is eager to increase this number—not surprisingly, quality is an imperative.

As digital engagement rises, the bank knew it needed to monitor and review the quality of every agent interaction to … Read More

The Great Resignation—What Can You Do About It?

By now you may have read a little (or a lot) about The Great Resignation. You might even be experiencing the pain of it in your own organisation. It’s quite real.

Employees are voluntarily resigning from their jobs, en masse. It’s causing some havoc for organisations already struggling to fulfil work volumes with the staff they have—and that don’t see any more budget for more staff anytime soon.

At Verint we call this the Engagement … Read More