Future of Work: The Post-COVID Contact Centre Will Rely on Automation More than Ever

Future of Work: The Post-COVID Contact Centre Will Rely on Automation More than Ever

The world of the contact centre—like everything else—has changed dramatically over the last year+. The shift to primarily working from home has been well-documented. We are getting closer to emerging from COVID restrictions and getting back to “normal.”

But the question now is: what is normal when it comes to the contact centre?

Verint recently conducted some global research to find … Read More

The Workplace of the Future Needs Intelligent Virtual Assistants and Chatbots

When we think about the rise of intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) and chatbots, it’s mostly through the lens of customer service. And this makes sense, given the way that this AI-powered technology has changed—and continues to change—how customers interact with businesses, organisations, and government entities. 

But companies aren’t only using IVAs to bring quick, accurate, and meaningful information to their customers. They’re also using them to change the way we work. IVAs allow companies to … Read More

Smaart Recruitment Annual Contact Centre Best Practice report

For the last couple of years, Smaart Recruitment have released their Annual Contact Centre Best Practice report and this year Verint had been invited to add commentary to the technology section.

The report has been collated from over 200 different data points with responses received from 165 separate organisations, giving unique insights into the operational effectiveness of Australian Contact Centres.

The full report takes a deep dive into the areas that contact centre leaders believe … Read More


How to Tell the Technicolored Story of Your Speech Data

Transformco is a leading integrated retailer focused on seamlessly connecting the digital and physical shopping experiences to serve its members. Speech analytics is a key part of Transformco’s strategy.

The company launched Verint in 2016 with 150 speech categories in their library to enable nationwide sales operations. Kendra King, Director of Quality and Performance Management for Transformco, hosted a session at Verint Virtual to share tips on effective ways to display speech data. Click here Read More

Feedback Spikes in March and April—What Does it Mean for CX Right Now?

Your customers want to talk. Are you giving them every opportunity?

We are in a unique time to listen to customer voices. They want to tell you how to make them happy and improve experiences—significantly, they want to tell you how to keep their business.

This current surge in feedback is more than increased site visits—it’s also increased scrutiny and higher expectations. Verint’s Ben Smith, General Manager, Experience Management, explores how to meet those expectations … Read More

How to Manage a New, Virtual Workforce in the Back-Office

Back-office organizations around the world are now operating under a new normal: virtual (remote) work. The measures government and other public institutions have taken to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic require many non-essential employees (those that are not working in fields such as healthcare, pharmacy, grocery, food production, and distribution) to stay home. This means that employees across a wide swath of industries, including financial services, insurance, telecommunications, and retail, can’t work from

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Double Down on Empathy! 5 Tips for CX Success in Times of Crisis

These challenging times are a roller coaster ride unlike any other before it. The speed of the modern world combined with the demands of today’s crisis are truly a remarkable (and stressful!) combination.

Therefore, we are working to show empathy to our customers as we reach out to them. In my latest blog for Customer Think, I share five tips that are guiding our CX efforts. The first two are “Keep listening” and “Address … Read More

Verint IVAs Help Customers and Employees Navigate Through Uncertain Times

The global COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic has drastically changed the way of life for billions of people. Things are also far from normal, predictable, or regular for enterprises, including how they interact with their customers, who are likely asking questions about how the virus is affecting your business or organization.

Verint is experienced in providing solutions when your contact centre experiences a rush of customer requests related to out-of-the-ordinary circumstances. And we’re putting that experience to … Read More

How Intelligence Is Transforming Virtual Assistants In conversation with . . .

Artificial intelligence has left the research laboratories and entered real-world applications across many industries, delivering significant value. A good example is the enterprise virtual assistance (VA) space, where I recently created an Ovum Decision Matrix (ODM) to compare vendor products side by side.

In recent years, the use of AI in what we now call intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) has been transformative. Through digital transformation, more business is moving online to the cloud and off … Read More

Which Voice Experience Do You Need? Choosing Between IVA and VUI

If speech solutions are going to be an essential part of your company’s CX strategy, how do you choose the technology that will provide the most benefit?

That’s a question posed by CMSWire in a recent article spotlighting the distinctions between voice user interfaces (VUIs) and intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs).

Verint’s Jen Snell, Intelligent Self-Service vice president of product marketing, points out that the comparison isn’t so much about the technology—it’s about the user experience … Read More