Cut Call Authentication Costs and Handle Time with Verint Call Risk Scoring

It’s a delicate balance. On one hand, you need to keep your customers and their data—as well as your company’s own finances—secure. But when you authenticate your callers, you need a process that’s not a hassle for your customers, and isn’t adding costly handle time to your contact centre budget.  

Verint Da Vinci Call Risk Scoring Service is built with both your customers’ time, and your agents’ time, in mind. For years, this solution … Read More

The More You Know…!

Admittedly, it’s been a very long time since I was responsible for a call centre.  We called it a “call centre” back then because the telephone was the only way to reach us. Since there was no limit as to what topics callers could bring up, our agents armed themselves with binders, product specifications, price sheets, internal memos, promotional literature, call notes and whatever else they could beg, borrow or steal.

Not surprisingly, this resulted … Read More

Taxpayers Are Customers Too

What do the cities of Cincinnati, Philadelphia, San Antonio, and Seattle have in common? Of course, they are all cities in the United States and no doubt wonderful places to live and work, but you may be surprised that they all regularly conduct customer satisfaction surveys.

That’s right, customer satisfaction—not taxpayer surveys. Municipalities large and small want to know if the services they provide are meeting customer expectations and if are they communicating in … Read More

Conversational AI: Dialogue Traits of Sophisticated IVAs

Verint has developed comprehensive expertise building, implementing, and delivering high-quality IVA experiences for customer service leaders such as Novo Nordisk and Alight Solutions. So, if you’re looking into incorporating or elevating an IVA within your customer service strategy, here are the traits your IVA needs to encompass to deliver an exceptional customer experience and gain a competitive advantage.

Human-in-the-loop Intent Understanding and Continuous Improvement

Verint IVA applies a combination of AI and Machine Learning techniques … Read More

Verint Expands APAC Customer Engagement Market Leadership

Did You Hear? Verint Expands Customer Engagement Market Leadership in Asia Pacific

Good news!

Frost & Sullivan has ranked Verint first in Asia Pacific market share for cloud and on-premises workforce management, quality monitoring, and analytics. The firm also named Verint Contact Centre Optimization Solution of the Year.

The report credited Verint with a market share that is significantly higher than the number two competitor, across the three combined contact centre technologies. Verint was recognised as leading the Workforce Management (WFM), Quality Monitoring (QM) and Analytics segments … Read More

Competing with Convenience: Why Health Insurers Must Automate to Keep Their Members

As digital technology continues to reshape all facets of our daily lives, few industries remain unaffected by the need to innovate to meet consumer demands and remain competitive. While some health insurers are leading the pack with their strategies, others are still seeking the right path in their digital transformation.

Although member service concerns vary, there are a few universal concerns felt by all in the health insurance industry, including providing effective education and support … Read More

Contact Centre Automation: Moving to the Head of the 2020 Class

While the term “reimagining” has been a commonly used buzzword in the contact centre industry for years, and one that I’m guilty of using myself in the past, the current coronavirus crisis has forced the industry to move quickly from the realm of imagination to the hard truth of reality.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology category that the contact centre has been fascinated by for the past several years, without feeling any pressure to … Read More

Did You Hear? Verint AI and Analytics Solutions Receive Highest Customer Satisfaction Scores in New Report

Good news!

Last week Verint announced its AI and analytics solutions achieved the highest customer rating for overall vendor satisfaction and top customer satisfaction scores on 25 vendor, product capability and product effectiveness criteria—surveyed in DMG Consulting LLC’s new 2020 Interaction Analytics Product and Market Report*.

In addition, Verint represents the largest market share by number of customers and achieved the greatest increase in number of customers among vendors named in the report’s market activity … Read More

In Times of Change, Listen, Adapt and Respond

The uncertainty of today’s world has had an incredible impact on employees and the customers they serve. Due to these circumstances, personalised and agile customer experience and marketing strategies are needed more than ever before.

Like so many organisations, Verint has rolled with the punches and adapted to change. We’ve listened to our customers and made some changes to help them adapt to this new reality—likely you have done the same.

Perhaps you have discovered—as … Read More

Three Recommendations for Managing Work-from Home Employees

Recently, Verint customer, John Barker, Managing Director at Capita, a large UK business process outsourcer, shared his story at Verint Virtual. As part of his session, From -11 NPS to +79 NPS: The Back-Office Gets It Done with 
Work Manager!
, he made three recommendations for organizations managing a remote/work-from-home workforce.

  1. Simplify your end-to-end processes and reduce the number of handoffs between colleagues.
  2. Measure people on the outcomes which they deliver rather than presentee-ism or
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