Are Your Operations a Symphony or a Cacophony?

Are your back-office operations a symphony or a cacophony? Do they run smoothly, with each team and department working in harmony to create a pleasant outcome? Do you have precision timing in your hand-offs? Do your workers know what to do during crescendos in work volumes, and when their role is silent? 

Or do you continually deal with a cacophony of fire drills and missed SLAs? Is one team rushing to keep up the tempo … Read More

How Back-Office Operations Can Sabotage Your CX Strategy

Last week was Customer Service Week! A great time to celebrate customer advocacy and happiness. Organisations are investing in customer experience-enhancing solutions and improving customer interactions. 

But did you know that, according to research from Aberdeen, 17% of customer dissatisfaction calls into the contact centre are because of issues in the back office?1 It is unfortunate because these poor customer experiences impact brand reputation, are counterproductive to contact centre CX initiatives, and are entirely … Read More

Transform Your Back Office into a Customer Care Centre

At Verint’s Engage21, Xander van der Poel, Change Manager at Nationale Nederlanden (NN), the largest insurance provider in the Netherlands, shared his back-office transformation story. 

Like many back-office organisations, NN’s Casualty and Liability group was having trouble predicting future workloads and the skills and resources needed to meet those demands. As a result, they were experiencing large backlogs and missed service goals. They realised they needed a new way of working.

They partnered with Verint … Read More

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How Transparent are Your Back-Office Operations?

Because of operational silos, disparate systems, complex work, multiple locations, and remote workers, many back-office lack the operational visibility and data they need to answer this very basic question.  

In fact, in a 2018 survey of back-office managers and directors, only 20% said they had an automated operational dashboard of team/organizational performance, and only 12% had automated performance scorecards for individual employees.1 

Creating a Holistic Picture

There are digital solutions that can capture employee … Read More

The 4 Phases of Organisational Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

And 4 best practice tips to smooth transitions

In a recent webinar, How Work-from-Home Demands Are Accelerating Automation in the Back Office, Craig Seebach, VP Strategy, Workforce Engagement at Verint, and Daniel Peled, VP of Channels at Kryon Systems, discussed how companies are responding to the many changes caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Craig outlined four phases of response.

  1. Physically move employees to work-from-home.
  2. Ensure success of employees in a new role and/or
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Three Recommendations for Managing Work-from Home Employees

Recently, Verint customer, John Barker, Managing Director at Capita, a large UK business process outsourcer, shared his story at Verint Virtual. As part of his session, From -11 NPS to +79 NPS: The Back-Office Gets It Done with 
Work Manager!
, he made three recommendations for organizations managing a remote/work-from-home workforce.

  1. Simplify your end-to-end processes and reduce the number of handoffs between colleagues.
  2. Measure people on the outcomes which they deliver rather than presentee-ism or
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How to Equitably Manage Employee Productivity Across Teams, Sites and Work-from-Home Staff

In preparation for our Verint Virtual Customer Engagement Conference, I recently interviewed a business analyst at a large global insurer. Unfortunately, she became camera shy and declined to be recorded, but she did share with me their journey to improved operational visibility and employee productivity in their back-office operations, which spans locations across the globe.

To protect her anonymity, I’m going to call her Jane. Following is a transcript of our conversation. You can … Read More

Transitioning Your Back-Office Workforce to Work from Home

You’ve likely made the recent decision to have the majority of your employees work from home. This presents many challenges including employee communication, connectivity and engagement. But it also presents a challenge to managers who need to understand who is doing what and when to ensure production and service goals are met.

How do you do this when you can no longer walk the floor to see how people are working? 

Luckily, you may already … Read More

How to Manage a New, Virtual Workforce in the Back-Office

Back-office organizations around the world are now operating under a new normal: virtual (remote) work. The measures government and other public institutions have taken to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic require many non-essential employees (those that are not working in fields such as healthcare, pharmacy, grocery, food production, and distribution) to stay home. This means that employees across a wide swath of industries, including financial services, insurance, telecommunications, and retail, can’t work from

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4 Essential Questions to Answer for a Successful Cloud Move

So you’re thinking of moving to the cloud for your
customer engagement solutions.

According to Digital Journal, over 90% of all enterprises project to use cloud platforms to innovate and improve agility by 2021. In other words, you know that your peers and competitors are moving to cloud to improve the customer experience (CX) and lower costs.If you’re ready to begin innovation in the cloud, what should you consider first? We created an eBook, “4 Read More