in conversation with lindsay carapella

In Conversation With . . . Lindsay Carapella

For the second time in 2021, Martyn again hands over the baton. This time our guest host is Kate Zawerucha, Verint’s own Customer Analytics Engagement Manager for APAC. In this episode Kate speaks to Lindsay Carapella a CX expert with more than 12 years experience in the industry. Kate and Lindsay discuss the changing mindset in customer analytics over the last few years and the rising visibility of analytics teams as strategic advisory units. Lindsay … Read More

Verint Expands APAC Customer Engagement Market Leadership

Did You Hear? Verint Expands Customer Engagement Market Leadership in Asia Pacific

Good news!

Frost & Sullivan has ranked Verint first in Asia Pacific market share for cloud and on-premises workforce management, quality monitoring, and analytics. The firm also named Verint Contact Centre Optimization Solution of the Year.

The report credited Verint with a market share that is significantly higher than the number two competitor, across the three combined contact centre technologies. Verint was recognised as leading the Workforce Management (WFM), Quality Monitoring (QM) and Analytics segments … Read More

Did You Hear? Verint AI and Analytics Solutions Receive Highest Customer Satisfaction Scores in New Report

Good news!

Last week Verint announced its AI and analytics solutions achieved the highest customer rating for overall vendor satisfaction and top customer satisfaction scores on 25 vendor, product capability and product effectiveness criteria—surveyed in DMG Consulting LLC’s new 2020 Interaction Analytics Product and Market Report*.

In addition, Verint represents the largest market share by number of customers and achieved the greatest increase in number of customers among vendors named in the report’s market activity … Read More


How to Tell the Technicolored Story of Your Speech Data

Transformco is a leading integrated retailer focused on seamlessly connecting the digital and physical shopping experiences to serve its members. Speech analytics is a key part of Transformco’s strategy.

The company launched Verint in 2016 with 150 speech categories in their library to enable nationwide sales operations. Kendra King, Director of Quality and Performance Management for Transformco, hosted a session at Verint Virtual to share tips on effective ways to display speech data. Click here Read More

Self-Serve, Simplify or Sell: Optimising in Times of Uncertainty

A Verint Virtual On-Demand Session

Manulife is a financial institution who provides financial advice, insurance and investment solutions for individuals, groups and institutions. At Verint Virtual, Lisa Buck, Speech Analytics Analyst, CX Insights, Strategy & Design, hosted a session called “Self-Serve,
Simplify or Sell: Optimising in Times of Uncertainty.

She covered how speech analytics and self-service tools helped Manulife identify drivers of demand and become a digital leader. In this blog, we will … Read More

451 Research Calls Verint a “Major Force in Pushing the Boundaries of VoC

It’s safe to say that the pandemic—with its global reach and vast impact on every industry imaginable—has once again reaffirmed the critical importance of customer experience.

In uncertain times such as these, offering a consistent, high-quality, efficient experience to your customers may well be remembered well into the future.

Independent technology research group 451 Research recently released a report on Verint’s Experience Cloud suite and stated the following:

“Verint is broadening the scope of its Read More

2020 will shape up to become the Year of the AI-Powered customer journey

Mila D’Antonio, Principal Analyst, Customer Engagement, Omdia (formerly Ovum)

In the evolving Experience Economy, 2020 is shaping up to become the year enterprises apply the building blocks to enable proactive, personalized experiences at every step of the customer journey. In this dynamic environment, organizations must continuously re-calculate the next-best action for each customer, and at each moment.

This requires a shift from traditional customer journey mapping tools to a more holistic and actionable approach of … Read More

Modernisation and Employee Engagement Emerge as Big Themes for Verint Customers in 2020

One of my favourite parts of the New Year is to hear from our customers. We ask them each year about their priorities, challenges—and of course, we celebrate successes! I’d like to share some of what I’ve heard so far in 2020.

Many of these customers are advisory board members or other significant brands you would recognize. They have challenges just like the rest of us, but they’re looking forward to what’s next as they … Read More

Which Voice Experience Do You Need? Choosing Between IVA and VUI

If speech solutions are going to be an essential part of your company’s CX strategy, how do you choose the technology that will provide the most benefit?

That’s a question posed by CMSWire in a recent article spotlighting the distinctions between voice user interfaces (VUIs) and intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs).

Verint’s Jen Snell, Intelligent Self-Service vice president of product marketing, points out that the comparison isn’t so much about the technology—it’s about the user experience … Read More

5 Ways to Dramatically Improve Employee Performance in a Few Short Weeks with Desktop Automation

Let me introduce you to five managers who succeeded in improving employee performance by leveraging the same solution, but to achieve different goals:

And what solution helped them do this? Let me introduce you to Verint Desktop and Process Analytics.

What Is Desktop and Process Analytics?

Verint Desktop and Process Analytics is a suite of software solutions that gives managers a … Read More