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Knowledge Management Can Help Your Business

Download your free guide guide to see how knowledge management can help your business. This guide will answer:

How knowledge management is foundational to customer engagement?

What’s the connection between knowledge management and AI?

What is contextual knowledge, and what are some of the most compelling emerging use cases.
How can we be sure our knowledge management solution is future- proof.

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Why Knowledge Management?

Finding a Needle in a Growing Haystack

When your customers have questions or issues, they demand immediate, accurate answers in their channel of choice. Easier said than done, right?

Your products and processes frequently change, and the amount of information housed within your organization grows daily.

Customers and employees both struggle to find answers. Your team is overwhelmed by cumbersome manual tagging and linking of information.

Finally, there is a better way.  Find out how!

Imagine a More Intelligent Knowledge Management Experience

Imagine if your knowledge management software worked the same way your brain works. Imagine your software automatically understanding concepts without manual intervention.

Imagine if it worked out of the box, providing immediate benefits with a rapid cloud deployment. Consumer patience for the wrong answer is non-existent. Deliver accurate information via an effortless UX.

It’s time to rethink knowledge management. See how Verint can help.

AI Makes Knowledge Automation Possible

Verint Knowledge Management uses patented artificial intelligence (AI) to create a more automated, natural and effective way to connect people to answers.

It’s time for a knowledge management system that:

  • Understands nuances in how people ask questions: what people mean, not what they type.
  • Anticipates what people want and predicts what they are about to ask.
  • Improves through continued use. Learns and clusters knowledge. Makes accessing content more efficient.