My name is Joel White, I work for U-Haul International and I’m the forecasting manager.

U-Haul is the do-it-yourself mover. They enable customers to rent a vehicle, move their possessions, their home, their families, wherever they need to go, and then return the vehicle to make their life and their move as easy as possible. My day-to-day role is to try and match up our customers with our employees, trying to make sure that the customers have the best experience possible when they come to U-Haul to rent their vehicles.

Right now, U-Haul has the workforce management software that Verint provides. We’re using that software to try and find ways to make efficiencies within the business. Our agents work from home. They have obviously busy lives. They want to be able to balance their work with their life, so the ability to get time off whenever they needed or their ability to swap a shift with another agent is huge for us.

We used Verint to automate that program as long as it fell under certain criteria and it met all those needs that agent would get instant results, they know that it got approved, they know that they could take care of their family and their life and not have to worry about waiting for an approval.

U-Haul’s looked at how do our customers want to communicate with us, and so we’ve found new ways through self-service, and through chat, and not just through phones. At the same time, we’ve needed to make our workforce do the same thing, we’ve needed to train people on how to handle the chats or deal with the self-service. We’re using Verint to figure out where the need is, identify where those goals are for our company, and match up the customer goals with the company goals and make everyone have a better experience.

What Verint gave us in the workforce solution was a tool to help us succeed. What I didn’t expect was their mobile application to go above and beyond what I’ve seen before in the industry. Being able to go in and do all of those changes directly from your phone on your own time, whether you’re out with the kids at school, or you’re running into your other job, or whatever you might be doing, gives them the ability to interact with us on their time, on their schedule.

Now, they have the newer versions of the app that will allow the managers to do the exact same thing for their employees directly from the mobile device. We wanted a software tool that was customizable to our needs, that we could fit the different needs that our business brings that maybe other businesses don’t have, and we got that. Then we said, can we do this? We want to innovate and go through the mobile, and that was able to be accomplished.

In the entire time, the service and support team has been there right by our side and done an amazing job, making sure that we’re running every day and that the product works exactly how we need it.

Verint Simplify, brought us a ability to put all of our employee’s needs in one basket, figured out a way to manage those needs, and be able to meet our customer’s needs at the same time. We’ve been able to automate all of those employee requests. We’ve now taken out hundreds and hundreds of man-hours and become that much more efficient by looking forward for the automation that the product has.

Verint has completely exceeded all the expectations that we’ve had. Now, we’re moving into the next phases to see all the different new technologies that they can add on top of that.