Verint Voice of the Customer Platform Wins 2021 MetriStar Top Provider Award

Report Reveals Verint VoC Platform Users Experience Significant Revenue Growth and Customer Ratings, Employee Satisfaction and Agent Efficiency Improvements

Verint announced today that its Voice of the Customer (VoC) Platform has been named a Top Provider in the 2021 Metrigy MetriStar Awards, in recognition of the solution’s value in driving high business success and above-average customer sentiment ratings.

Verint is one of two vendors to earn “Top Provider” accolades out of a field of 15 … Read More

Did You Hear? Verint Completes Acquisition of Conversocial

Verint recently announced the completion of the previously announced transaction to acquire Conversocial, a leader in conversational customer experience delivered over messaging channels.

On August 10, Verint issued a release, Verint Expands its Cloud Platform Capabilities to Help Brands Accelerate Digital-First Customer Engagement, stating its intent to acquire the leading conversational messaging company. Conversocial solutions help leading brands such as Google, Sephora, British Airways, and Hertz build and scale relationships through the personal touch … Read More

The Future of Work Is Now: A Post-Pandemic Perspective

Lead Analyst & Founder, Opus Research

Some say it is “too soon” to put the pandemic in the past tense. Like its cousin the common cold, they say, some form of COVID-19 is here to stay. Yet, there is no better testimony to the indomitable nature of the human spirit than the efforts to get back to life as it was. That includes going out for walks, going shopping, eating out at bars and restaurants … Read More

Channel Consolidation Defines NextGen Customer Experience

Without a doubt, the COVID-19 crisis turned the contact centre industry on its ear. Customer reliance on the contact centre for customer service, as opposed to physically visiting the customer service desk at a brick-and-mortar establishment, drove customer contacts to unexpectedly high levels of volume that left many contact centres reeling—simply unable to accommodate the number of contacts they were receiving.

I personally experienced customer service overloads at several organisations during the past 18 months. … Read More

Renegade Thinkers Unite! Being a Groundbreaking B2B CMO (podcast)

More than ever before, agility is a prerequisite for success. This was definitely true for Verint over the last 18 months. In the midst of worldwide pandemic-related upheaval, Verint completed a massive spin-off earlier this year of its cybersecurity services, cementing itself as a pure-play customer engagement brand.

Verint Chief Marketing Officer, Celia Fleischaker, stepped into Verint about a year ago and took on that major challenge. In this podcast you’ll hear how Celia moved … Read More

Contact Centre Pipeline: Low-Code/No-Code AI-Enabled Chatbots

Customer service delivery for all—as the world has turned upside down over the last 18 months, this has grown more important than ever.

So how does this look in today’s real world? A do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) is now democratising access to this increasingly important solution. No longer do you need highly skilled data scientists to get the job done—now non-technical business users can deploy production-ready IVAs, among other self-service customer … Read More

Differentiation between Edge and Cloud-Based Analytics

Big data analytics continues to be a key factor advancing innovations within security and surveillance platforms for financial institutions. A prominent discussion in the market today centres on video analytics and implementations for the “edge” or the “cloud.”

Cloud-based analytics is the use of remote public or private computing resources (aka the “cloud”) to analyse data on demand, and edge-based analytics is the application of video data analytics that is processed within a camera (IoT … Read More


In Conversation With . . . Tanushree Dabral Part 2

We’re back with the second episode of our two part special featuring returning guest presenter Ian Harrison, Verints’ own Director of Customer Experience and Tanushree Dabral, CEO of PX Partners and an accomplished governance, risk, and compliance practitioner.

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In conversation with . . . is a series of podcasts from Verint featuring chats and … Read More

The Total Economic Impact of Verint Customer Engagement Solutions

We’ve been discussing the Engagement Capacity Gap for some months now. This is the gap between the exploding volume of customer interactions and communication channels—and the resources available to meet them. If you haven’t already, check out this quick video, or download the full Engagement Capacity Gap study.

We have always believed our Verint Customer Engagement solutions could help close this gap, and now we have proof! 

Verint commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct an … Read More

Interaction Insights: Drive Organisational Agility

By Daniel Ziv

Thank you to Ray LeBlanc for his help with this blog.

The last year has seen unprecedented change in the customer service industry.

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