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Beyond Silos: Cracking the Customer Engagement Data Management Challenge

By Dan Miller – Lead Analyst & Founder, Opus Research

Metaphors largely fail when talking about the challenges enterprises face when managing so-called “engagement data.” Today’s customers interact with businesses in a myriad of ways—through smartphones or laptops, over messaging platforms or chat, through social channels, and sometimes via phone. The records and recordings of these interactions are captured in what are politely called “systems of record” where they can be subjected to analytic tools … Read More

Verint Named a Leader for Voice of the Customer Platform in Research Firm Evaluation

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions Names Verint a Leader for Delivering Predictive Insights, Operational Efficiencies, Self-service Capabilities, and Enhanced Contextual and Hyper-personalized Experiences

Verint announced that Quadrant Knowledge Solutions has named Verint’s Experience Management a top performer and technology leader in the 2021 SPARK Matrix Analysis of the Global Voice of the Customer (VoC) Platforms Market.

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions conducted an in-depth analysis and evaluated the products, market presence, and value proposition for the major VoC platform … Read More

Succeeding with your Conversational AI/ Chatbot Implementation – Part 2

This is part 2 of the series, and if you haven’t read part 1- How to start right, we recommend checking it out first here.

When we talk about chatbots, intent recognition is where the magic happens. Any decent chatbot will allow users to type their questions in natural language, understand what they want (intent), and provide the necessary answer/support. Today we will discuss the potential problems organisations run into with this intent engine … Read More

Happy Customer Service Week from Verint!

Happy Customer Service Week from all of us at Verint!

Customer Service Week—as many of you know—is not new. And after the last year, we can all see that this year is a particularly good one to celebrate the people on the front lines of customer service—the ones who have kept everything moving forward despite exceptional, profound, unpredictable challenges.

According to the Customer Service Group, the U.S. Congress proclaimed Customer Service Week in 1992 … Read More

4 Ways Health Insurance Companies Can Provide a Better Member Experience—Backed by Research

The global COVID-19 pandemic layered new challenges on top of an existing tough market for U.S. health insurance companies. These companies had to quickly activate emergency plans to ensure people had access to prevention, testing, and treatment for COVID-19. When vaccines became readily available, health insurers then turned their focus to improving vaccine acceptance and access for their members.

At the same time, health insurers experienced financial pressures due to uncertainty around premiums and … Read More

Verint Speeds Up the Hiring Process in a Red-Hot Labour Market

Dick Bucci, Founder and Chief Analyst, Pelorus Associates

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics there were 10.1 million vacant jobs as of the end of June 2021—far exceeding the number of job seekers. Any doubts about a labour shortage can be erased simply by looking at all the help wanted signs. 

Contact centres are feeling the brunt when it comes to finding qualified people in an era of plentiful good paying jobs. The challenge … Read More

Forbes Comms Council: How CMOs Can Gain Command of the Customer Experience

We can all probably name many ways the pandemic has wreaked havoc on both our personal and professional lives in the past 18 months. However, let’s also acknowledge that many opportunities have arisen—particularly in how organisations care for their customers. This has never been more important as their expectations continue to grow.

One opportunity worth exploring is becoming laser-focused on improving the customer experience. This is particularly critical now—a real gap exists between what organisations … Read More

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana Improves Agent and Customer Experience with Verint

The largest health insurer in Louisiana, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana (BCBS of LA) serves over 1.5 million Louisianans, providing medical, dental, Medicare Advantage, and prescription drug coverage to individuals, families, and employers. Its customers range from young adults, to children, to seniors—all with dramatically different healthcare needs.

Customer experience is important in healthcare, and the company’s agents needed access to information much faster from its back end and other systems to better serve … Read More

New Verint Research Shows How U.S. Health Insurance Companies Rank in Member Satisfaction

United HealthCare, Humana and Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Earn Top Three Satisfaction Rankings in the 2021 Report

Amid a tumultuous time for the healthcare industry due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the top 25 health insurance companies remained in tight competition when it came to member satisfaction, according to new research released by Verint. The range for satisfaction (SAT) scores from highest to lowest was just under nine points out of a possible 100, suggesting … Read More

Verint Voice of the Customer Platform Wins 2021 MetriStar Top Provider Award

Report Reveals Verint VoC Platform Users Experience Significant Revenue Growth and Customer Ratings, Employee Satisfaction and Agent Efficiency Improvements

Verint announced today that its Voice of the Customer (VoC) Platform has been named a Top Provider in the 2021 Metrigy MetriStar Awards, in recognition of the solution’s value in driving high business success and above-average customer sentiment ratings.

Verint is one of two vendors to earn “Top Provider” accolades out of a field of 15 … Read More