Verint Named a Winner on the Prestigious CRM Watchlist for the Fourth Year Running

2022 List Recognizes Industry Leaders for Significant and Sustainable Impact on the Market

Verint®  announced that it was named a winner on the 2022 CRM Watchlist, an annual evaluation conducted by industry analyst Paul Greenberg, president of the 56 Group, LLC and notable CRM author. 

The CRM Watchlist recognizes companies that not only had the most impact in the customer-facing technology world in the past year, but also are likely to maintain that … Read More

BNP Paribas Poland Automates Objective and Consistent Quality Assurance with Verint

BNP Paribas Poland supports 3.9 million customers through almost 460 bank branches. The organisation is a subsidiary of BNP Paribas, the European Union’s leading bank, operating in 68 countries with more than 193,000 employees. Already supporting 1.3 million customers through digital channels, the bank is eager to increase this number—not surprisingly, quality is an imperative.

As digital engagement rises, the bank knew it needed to monitor and review the quality of every agent interaction to … Read More

Racing to Resolve the ‘Engagement Capacity Gap,’ Organisations Lean into Customer Service Technology for Digital-First Engagement and Empathy

Navigating a Constant State of Change, Fuelling Sustainable Workforce Strategies, and Safeguarding Employee Wellness Top the List of Priorities in the Second Year of Post-Pandemic Operations

Two years into the global pandemic, organisations are racing to resolve the Engagement Capacity Gap, leaning into customer service technology to support digital-first engagement and more empathic connections with customers, and scrambling to deal with a litany of other trials and tribulations.

Last year, Verint introduced its seminal … Read More

The Great Resignation—What Can You Do About It?

By now you may have read a little (or a lot) about The Great Resignation. You might even be experiencing the pain of it in your own organisation. It’s quite real.

Employees are voluntarily resigning from their jobs, en masse. It’s causing some havoc for organisations already struggling to fulfil work volumes with the staff they have—and that don’t see any more budget for more staff anytime soon.

At Verint we call this the Engagement … Read More

The More You Know…!

Admittedly, it’s been a very long time since I was responsible for a call centre.  We called it a “call centre” back then because the telephone was the only way to reach us. Since there was no limit as to what topics callers could bring up, our agents armed themselves with binders, product specifications, price sheets, internal memos, promotional literature, call notes and whatever else they could beg, borrow or steal.

Not surprisingly, this resulted … Read More

Customers Give Verint Top Scores in New Workforce Optimisation Market Report

Verint announced that it has received top scores in multiple customer satisfaction categories according to DMG Consulting LLC’s 2021/2022 Workforce Optimisation/Workforce Engagement Management Product and Market Report.* 

The latest report presents an in-depth analysis of the contact center workforce optimisation (WFO)/workforce engagement management (WEM) market, trends, competitive landscape, product suites, technology and innovation and features seven leading and contending vendors.  

“The pace of innovation in the contact center is more rapid than at any … Read More

Hiring Challenges and Rising Customer Expectations Are Driving a Move Toward Digital-First Service

For many companies, delivering an excellent customer service experience has never been more challenging than it is right now.

Customers are engaging with brands through digital channels at unprecedented levels—and they expect a great customer experience regardless of their entry point.

And unfortunately, the ongoing labour migration has left many companies with fewer contact centre personnel to meet these increased expectations.

In today’s landscape, where we’ve seen some 4.5 million Americans leave their jobs, you … Read More

Power Up Your Customer Engagement Data

In a recent blog, we discussed how businesses that have a focused data strategy around customer engagement will be clear winners in the Customer Experience Race. Implementing such a strategy and succeeding in this race will be rewarded with customer loyalty, brand recognition, and growth.

As with so many business initiatives, success will rely on knowing your business inside-out and having meaningful insight into what is needed to drive it forward. In this instance … Read More