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The Low-Code Package from Verint IVA Places Conversational AI into the Hands of Business Professionals

Not too long ago, if a business needed to stand up a website—even a basic homepage—they needed to enlist the help of a professional web developer.

That developer worked with the marketing team to build the site, of course, but the company itself had little access to the back end of their page to make updates or changes in stride … Read More

Verint Launches Low-Code Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Customer Engagement

Verint announced Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant Professional (IVA Pro) Package, a low-code conversational artificial intelligence (AI) offering that can rapidly turn existing conversation data into automated self-service experiences.

As part of the market-leading Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) offering, the package allows business professionals to quickly deploy a production-ready chatbot to deflect calls and support customers. Verint IVA enables businesses to expand capabilities across the enterprise with boundless intelligence for both voice and … Read More

Conversational AI: Dialogue Traits of Sophisticated IVAs

Verint has developed comprehensive expertise building, implementing, and delivering high-quality IVA experiences for customer service leaders such as Novo Nordisk and Alight Solutions. So, if you’re looking into incorporating or elevating an IVA within your customer service strategy, here are the traits your IVA needs to encompass to deliver an exceptional customer experience and gain a competitive advantage.

Human-in-the-loop Intent Understanding and Continuous Improvement

Verint IVA applies a combination of AI and Machine Learning techniques … Read More

See how New York Life reduced more than 400,000 calls per year using VERINT’s solution and perform voice analysis

New York Life is one of the largest mutual life insurance companies in the entire world and the largest mutual life insurer in the United States today. We have over 6 million customers, 500 billion in assets, and we have the highest strength rating of all financial institutions. Our original business drives revolved around workforce management, optimisation, and forecasting. We track things on spreadsheets, which is very manual and doesn’t … Read More

Citizens Energy Group Powers Customer Feedback with Verint

My name is Curtis Popp, I’m Vice President of Customer Operations at Citizens Energy Group. Citizens Energy Group is a unique entity. As far as utilities go, we’re the only public charitable trust utility in the known universe. We’ve been around 132 years to basically provide light, heat, power, water utility services to the citizens of Marion County. We do a lot of surveys with Verint. We measure overall customer … Read More

MTD Modernizes scheduling with Verint Workforce Management in the Cloud

MTD Products is a leader in outdoor power equipment manufacturing. We produce everything, from lawnmowers to snow throwers to string trimmers. In 2017 during our implementation process with Verint, we worked with the Verint team for a smooth and seamless transition.

They were able to take all of our historical data and roll it up into the Verint product that we are now using today, but the relationship didn’t just … Read More

Verint Announces All-Star Keynote Lineup of Barbara Corcoran, Charlene Li and Jay Shetty for Industry Leading Customer Engagement Event

Three-Day Virtual Event to Feature Inspirational Keynote Speakers Along with Prominent Industry Analysts and Verint Executive Insights

Verint announced the lineup for its Engage21 virtual conference May 19-21 featuring inspirational including Barbara Corcoran, Charlene Li and Jay Shetty. This premier event will feature in-depth content geared toward customer engagement and customer experience professionals with more than 60 sessions led by Verint experts, customers and partners over three days.

Consumer behaviors and expectations have shifted dramatically … Read More

Forbes Comms Council: Match Your AI and Analytics Initiative to Actual Business Outcomes

That title may not sound all that groundbreaking. After all, positive business outcomes usually lead to loyal customers—and we all want those.

However, we’ve learned that AI and analytics initiatives don’t always translate successfully to business outcomes. We’ve been dealing with the business-altering (and life-altering) challenges of COVID-19 for more than a year. Business models, offerings and customer needs have radically shifted during that time.

Now is a good time to revisit what success looks … Read More

Vericast Chooses Verint Customer Engagement Cloud Platform to Further Enhance Customer Experience at its Contact Centres

Vericast, a leading marketing solutions company, together with its Harland Clarke contact centre solutions, has selected the Verint Customer Engagement Cloud Platform to enhance the agent and customer experience at its contact centres.

“We selected Verint due to the integrated nature of their solution and the holistic view they bring to customer, client and agent engagement,” said Barbara Riggan, VP of Technology, Vericast. “We are confident that moving to this solution will provide improved experiences … Read More