In conversation with Sri Annaswarmy

In conversation with. . . Sri Annaswamy

After a month away, during which the host Martyn Riddle underwent knee replacement surgery, the Verint podcast is back, with added titanium!! For our return episode, we chat with Sri Annaswamy, Founder and Director of Swamy & Associates, on all things AI, ML, GPT, RPA and a host of other over-used acronyms.

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Top 10 Best Practices for Optimising Post-Call Interaction Surveys Using IVR (Part Two)

In our previous blog, we shared 5 best practices for optimising your IVR surveys to improve post-call interaction, increase revenue, and decrease costs. Check them out if you haven’t! In this blog we’ll explore five more. 

6. Provide a recorded message of the CEO explaining the importance of the feedback 

If your CEO is willing, include a short message from him or her at the beginning of the survey, letting customers know they … Read More

Top 10 Best Practices for Optimising Post-Call Interaction Surveys Using IVR

Contact centres around the globe have been inundated with questions about the COVID-19 pandemic from customers who are experiencing unprecedented stress and uncertainty. Those customer questions are being answered by agents who might be working from home for the first time. Some companies have even been taking employees from other functions, such as bank branch employees, and having them answer calls. 

Amidst all these changes, do you give those customers the chance to tell you … Read More

Top Tips for Banks to Know for Reopening After COVID-19

The pandemic has undoubtedly shaken up the way financial institutions do business; the physical delivery of retail banking, the financial lives of customers, and relationships with employees are all forging new normals. 

Adjusting to these new processes means addressing the potential risks prevalent in the current business environment as banks begin to reopen their doors. 

So, what are the key things to understand about reopening to the public? That was the subject of a recent Verint … Read More

The 4 Phases of Organisational Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

And 4 best practice tips to smooth transitions

In a recent webinar, How Work-from-Home Demands Are Accelerating Automation in the Back Office, Craig Seebach, VP Strategy, Workforce Engagement at Verint, and Daniel Peled, VP of Channels at Kryon Systems, discussed how companies are responding to the many changes caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Craig outlined four phases of response.

  1. Physically move employees to work-from-home.
  2. Ensure success of employees in a new role and/or
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Verint Wins AI Breakthrough Award for the Third Consecutive Year

The AI Breakthrough Awards honor excellence and recognize the innovation, hard work and success in a range of AI and machine learning related categories, including AI platforms, deep learning, smart robotics, business intelligence, natural language processing, industry-specific AI applications and many more.

This year’s program attracted more than 2,750 nominations from over 15 countries throughout the world.

“Cognitive technologies are helping redefine the customer experience through powerful knowledge management solutions for the contact center,” said … Read More

Competing with Convenience: Why Health Insurers Must Automate to Keep Their Members

As digital technology continues to reshape all facets of our daily lives, few industries remain unaffected by the need to innovate to meet consumer demands and remain competitive. While some health insurers are leading the pack with their strategies, others are still seeking the right path in their digital transformation.

Although member service concerns vary, there are a few universal concerns felt by all in the health insurance industry, including providing effective education and support … Read More

Breaking Down Financial Industry Buzzwords: The Reality of Cloud

If you’ve been in the technology industry for any amount of time, you’re likely familiar with the prevalence of buzzwords. They can be both relevant and nonsensical: some are truly beneficial and impactful, while others are too broad and can create confusion.

That’s why it’s important to break down the reality of buzzwords, which is what we aim to do throughout this blog series. 

First up: the cloud. There’s no doubt that you’ve heard of … Read More