Realigning the Bank Branch for the New Normal with Analytics

COVID-19 has caused significant constraints on the bank branch channel with temporary closures and service limits—while moving nearly half of the branch interactions to digital channels and contact centers.

These developments present banking leaders with new risks and strategic challenges for realigning branch delivery and resources.

Survey Results

A recent survey of Kiran Analytics, Verint’s branch business unit, customers representing nearly 40,000 branches showed widely varied responses to the pandemic.

And when asked about how … Read More

In Conversation with . . . Kailash Ramalingam

We stay in Singapore for Episode 9 of the Verint podcast and this time chat with Kailash Ramalingam, Managing Director, Contact Centre and Servicing Platforms at DBS Bank. We find out how the bank had prepared for the impact of Covid19 even before the devastating extent of its spread had become apparent – and Martyn gets indoctrinated to the wonderful world of 1980s Tamil music.

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Mind the Compliance Gap: Choosing the Right Recording Technology for Microsoft Teams Collaboration

In today’s competitive business environment and especially as a consequence of the disruption caused by the pandemic, companies are increasingly looking at collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams as an enabler of frictionless business communications. These tools provide a means to maintain business operations—wherever their workforce may be located.

COVID-19 and the shift to work-from-home created a new urgency, accelerating the timeline for even wider adoption of Teams for seamless digital collaboration.

Teams delivers essential … Read More

How to Equitably Manage Employee Productivity Across Teams, Sites and Work-from-Home Staff

In preparation for our Verint Virtual Customer Engagement Conference, I recently interviewed a business analyst at a large global insurer. Unfortunately, she became camera shy and declined to be recorded, but she did share with me their journey to improved operational visibility and employee productivity in their back-office operations, which spans locations across the globe.

To protect her anonymity, I’m going to call her Jane. Following is a transcript of our conversation. You can … Read More

In conversation with . . . Stuart Beaumont

Continuing the tour around the Asia Pacific region, for Episode 8 we head up to Singapore for a chat with Stuart Beaumont, Managing Director & Global Head, Voice & Virtual, Retail Banking at Standard Chartered Bank. Responsible for a contact centre network spanning over 30 countries and serving more than 10 million clients, Stuart explains how the Covid19 crisis has impacted the delivery of services.

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In conversation with . . . Raymond Law

For episode 7 we head up to Hong Kong and chat with Raymond Law, Customer Care Management Director at AXA. Raymond shines a light on what the Covid19 situation has meant for him and his organisation and how they were able to quickly transition to a Work from Home environment in the early stages of the outbreak.

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How Are Financial Institutions Navigating the Effects of the Pandemic?

The coronavirus pandemic has been unlike anything most of us have ever seen before—quickly and dramatically altering both business operations and personal lives now and likely into the future. 

Organisations around the world have been forced to adapt to evolving guidelines and a sudden influx or reduction in business, with financial institutions at the top of the list of those seeing a significant change. 

Though characteristics vary depending on the facility, most financial institutions include … Read More

Transitioning Your Back-Office Workforce to Work from Home

You’ve likely made the recent decision to have the majority of your employees work from home. This presents many challenges including employee communication, connectivity and engagement. But it also presents a challenge to managers who need to understand who is doing what and when to ensure production and service goals are met.

How do you do this when you can no longer walk the floor to see how people are working? 

Luckily, you may already … Read More

In conversation with . . . Duncan Graham

In episode 6, Martyn Riddle chats with the 2019 winner of the prestigious Auscontact Customer Contact Manager of the Year award, Duncan Graham from Allianz Australia. During the revealing conversation, Duncan talks about how he and his team handled the obstacles thrown up by the Covid19 crisis – and introduces Martyn to the crazy world of TikTok.

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Feedback Spikes in March and April—What Does it Mean for CX Right Now?

Your customers want to talk. Are you giving them every opportunity?

We are in a unique time to listen to customer voices. They want to tell you how to make them happy and improve experiences—significantly, they want to tell you how to keep their business.

This current surge in feedback is more than increased site visits—it’s also increased scrutiny and higher expectations. Verint’s Ben Smith, General Manager, Experience Management, explores how to meet those expectations … Read More