How to Manage a New, Virtual Workforce in the Back-Office

Back-office organizations around the world are now operating under a new normal: virtual (remote) work. The measures government and other public institutions have taken to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic require many non-essential employees (those that are not working in fields such as healthcare, pharmacy, grocery, food production, and distribution) to stay home. This means that employees across a wide swath of industries, including financial services, insurance, telecommunications, and retail, can’t work from

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In conversation with . . . Chris Greenough

In episode 4, we head out of Australia for the first time and up to Malaysia to chat with Chris Greenough, the Chief Marketing Officer at the next-generation BPO organisation Everise. Chris shares his thoughts on how the Covid19 situation has impacted the marketing profession and what that might mean for consumers. His music choice, and reason for selection, also takes us in to a new genre.

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Why companies should prioritise compliance during a worldwide pandemic?

By Manish Shah, Vice President for Southeast Asia, Customer Engagement Solutions at Verint Systems.

Financial institutions around the world are facing greater operational and compliance risks with the emergence of the recent pandemic, Covid-19. Financial authorities and organisations everywhere are acknowledging these difficulties with the US Securities and Exchange Commission offering relief and guidance to registered funds and their investment advisers. In the EU, financial authorities have provided initial guidance to ensure continuity of business … Read More

How to Weave Compliance into Remote Trading

IPC and Verint team up to help businesses enable seamless financial trading workflows and manage compliance risk during times of uncertainty

These are disruptive times – but life and business must go on. The corresponding effects of the COVID-19 crisis have brought unprecedented challenges for global business and the financial markets, not least of which is the need for market participants to continue to operate against a backdrop of lockdowns and business restrictions.

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Double Down on Empathy! 5 Tips for CX Success in Times of Crisis

These challenging times are a roller coaster ride unlike any other before it. The speed of the modern world combined with the demands of today’s crisis are truly a remarkable (and stressful!) combination.

Therefore, we are working to show empathy to our customers as we reach out to them. In my latest blog for Customer Think, I share five tips that are guiding our CX efforts. The first two are “Keep listening” and “Address … Read More

Webinar – Introducing Microsoft Teams Communications Capture

Introducing Microsoft Teams Communications Capture

Tuesday, 26 May 2020 | Duration: 30 mins

11:00AM IST | 1:30PM SGT | 3:30PM AEDT

The seismic impact of the coronavirus has seen many organisations ramp up their use of Microsoft Teams to assist as they transition employees to work from home. However, these organisations need to ensure that regulated transactions and interactions conform to compliance standards and that accurate records are maintained of all communications. That is no … Read More

In conversation with . . . Steve Lewis

In episode 3 of the series, we chat with Stephen Lewis, Chief Digital Officer at the next-generation BPO organisation Probe.

Steve gives his thoughts on how the Covid19 situation has accelerated the digital transformation plans of many customer service organisations and explores how the expectations of consumers have changed during the lockdowns. As an added bonus, his lockdown music selection should put a smile on your face.

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Verint IVAs Help Customers and Employees Navigate Through Uncertain Times

The global COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic has drastically changed the way of life for billions of people. Things are also far from normal, predictable, or regular for enterprises, including how they interact with their customers, who are likely asking questions about how the virus is affecting your business or organization.

Verint is experienced in providing solutions when your contact centre experiences a rush of customer requests related to out-of-the-ordinary circumstances. And we’re putting that experience to … Read More

In conversation with . . . Shane Hackett

In episode 2 of this innovative new series, Martyn Riddle chats with Shane Hackett, Manager Customer Services at Brisbane City Council, Australia’s largest council.

During the chat, Shane explains the preemptive steps that the council took as the threat of the Covid19 situation grew larger. And he also provides an insight into what has been keeping him entertained during the lockdown situation.

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In conversation with . . . Lisa Kauppinen

In this launch episode, Martyn Riddle talks to Lisa Kauppinen, Head of ClientFirst Melbourne at IOOF, a large Australian-based financial services organisation.

During the chat, Lisa highlights the ‘Customer First’ methodology that underlines the way the business operates and talks about the challenges and successes they had as they transitioned the workforce to a Work from Home scenario. She also gives some insight to what’s keeping her entertained during the current situation.

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