Verint Takes the Interaction Analytics Market by Storm

Understanding your customers is becoming increasingly difficult in today’s complex multi-channel communications landscape. From traditional call centres and face-to-face interactions, to emails, online chats and social media engagements, there is a huge variety of ways customers are interacting with brands.

In this increasingly omnichannel environment, businesses are turning to AI-enabled technologies and analytics to help provide them with a comprehensive understanding of the interactions between customers and organisations across all touchpoints. Central to this is … Read More

Verint Takes Charge with WFM for All

Verint has a WFM solution for any environment that receives high (and low) volumes of interactions at a highly variable rate. This includes both large and small contact centres, back office functions, and branch operations. Furthermore, the product can be procured through both traditional on-premise purchases as well as the cloud. It doesn’t matter which call server you choose. Verint provides the options, and customers decide what’s best for them.

Let’s consider the plight of … Read More

How to Overcome CX Stagnation with a Value Chain Framework

That’s a question Verint’s Ryan Hollenbeck, senior vice president, global marketing and executive sponsor of Verint’s customer experience (CX) program, asks in his new article for Forbes.

Many organizations may listen to customers, but they don’t listen to all customers everywhere in the journey. Organisations can get a lot of things right. However, if they get this one wrong—how much do the others really matter in the long run?

Read on and see how … Read More

Knowledge Management Gets Smarter

Knowledge management has become an essential solution to the contact center industry given its important role in both the customer experience and the employee experience. Providing a fast and efficient way to connect employees and customers to the knowledge they need is no longer a customer service luxury—it is a customer experience necessity.  

Proprietary 2019 Saddletree Research data indicates that 62 percent of the industry is currently using knowledge management software and an additional … Read More