Creating the Annual Call Center Forecast

Anticipating the future is a core mission for any contact center. Inevitably, the CFO wants an accurate budget and the recruitment team needs to know how many full-time equivalents (FTEs) to bring on two months from now. With these demands alone, new call center analysts can easily be overwhelmed by the prospect of predicting costs and call volumes that include 12 months of forecasting.

Dig into the topic and things only get more complicated. Those … Read More

Front, Middle or Back?

Most customer journeys are not a one and done interaction. Many involve multiple touchpoints with the customer, and internally with your different support functions. So who does what? How do these functions differ? Is there an opportunity to improve efficiencies across groups? 

In the always-on era, you need to be more flexible and responsive in order to meet the growing expectations for faster service and greater transparency. Let’s explore the differences between the front, middle … Read More

Reduce Excessive Shrinkage with Workforce Management Software

Yellow, Red and Green

Let’s get the bad news out of the way. It’s impossible to eliminate contact centre shrinkage. Off-call activity, from training sessions to bathroom breaks, is an inevitable part of the business. Aggressive efforts to eradicate shrinkage in call centres can negatively affect team cohesion, agent training, morale and retention.

Excessive shrinkage, however, is a barrier to meeting service levels and achieving profitability. A data-driven approach leveraging a high-performance workforce management solution can … Read More