5 Ways to Dramatically Improve Employee Performance in a Few Short Weeks with Desktop Automation

Let me introduce you to five managers who succeeded in improving employee performance by leveraging the same solution, but to achieve different goals:

And what solution helped them do this? Let me introduce you to Verint Desktop and Process Analytics.

What Is Desktop and Process Analytics?

Verint Desktop and Process Analytics is a suite of software solutions that gives managers a … Read More

IVAs, Chatbots, and CUIs: Making Sense of the Conversational AI Market for Your Enterprise

In the 2019 Gartner Hype Cycle for Customer Service and Support Technologies, we were pleased to hear a clear message from Gartner:  

“Approaching the broader set of customer service and support (CSS) technologies as an integrated ecosystem of functionality rather than a set of compartmentalized and separate decisions and systems enables organizations to deliver a more holistic customer experience.” 

The hype cycle separates Virtual Customer Assistants, Chatbots and Conversational User Interfaces (CUIs) into … Read More