Customers Give Verint Perfect Scores in Overall Satisfaction Ranking

Sydney, NSW Australia,  September 19, 2019 – Verint® Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: VRNT), The Customer Engagement Company™, today announced that it has achieved a perfect 5.0 customer satisfaction score in each of 23 categories regarding vendor, product and product effectiveness satisfaction. The company also was recognized for the most interaction (speech and text) analytics clients and achieved the highest Year-over-Year customer growth according to DMG Consulting LLC’s new 2019-2020 Contact Center Analytics Product and Market … Read More

Compliance is more than ‘red tape’ it is a prerequisite for doing business

The Hayne Royal Commission has seen a shift in activity amongst a variety of regulators in Australia. This is for two reasons.Firstly, the commission shone a spotlight on the dodgy practices and compliance issues within banks for all to see. Consumers, regulators and politicians alike received a front-row seat to Hayne’s forensic dissection of the banking, insurance and wealth industries. 

For many, it was unfathomable that banks and financial institutions were able to get away … Read More

Voice Biometrics: The Perfect Answer for Unobtrusive and Accurate Authentication

I could not recall my mother-in-law’s Finnish maiden name and if I did, I probably would not be able to pronounce it. Despite my pleas that my wife would have no objection to my speaking on her behalf, the agent was having none of it. I had to accurately answer the question. That was the rule.

It is not a great way to start off the customer interaction by challenging the caller’s identity — people … Read More

Measuring and Monetising VoC: Confessions of a Contact Centre Data Geek

In a contact centre, every supervisor, team lead, and manager knows the current average speed of answer, occupancy, cost of a phone minute, average length of a call and after-call work, financial implications of repeat calls, and so many more cost-driving metrics. 

But increasingly, contact centres are being held to customer experience (CX) metrics, as well as the more traditional call centre measurements. You’ve probably heard about the benefits of listening to your VoC at scale in the contact centre. This may involve data on … Read More