How to scale RPA beyond a pilot

Are you like many organizations and just finished your first (or fifth) pilot of Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Good for you. But you are probably asking yourself, now what? How do I scale this across my org?

You’re not alone. RPA adoption has been slow and siloed. In fact:

Here’s the deal:

RPA has the potential to transform how we work. Gone are the boring, repetitive tasks. Employees can now focus on the more challenging, … Read More

Customer Experience: Five Pillars to Reach a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

More than ever before, living and breathing the customer experience every day is critical.

Verint’s Ryan Hollenbeck, senior vice president, global marketing and executive sponsor of Verint’s customer experience (CX) program, continues his series for the Forbes Communications Council with a look at five key pillars to Verint’s customer experience program. He believes every company looking to improve its customer experience (CX) program can incorporate them to help strengthen customer centricity.

He shares his insights … Read More

Data Privacy Compliance: How to Navigate Your Business to Still Waters

The recordings of each session are available on-demand, and this blog reviews some of the key messages.

3 Simple Ways to Help You Stay Afloat

In the first webinar, Verint’s Siobhan Miller and Iain Daws discussed the current state of the global data privacy landscape with Market Tuning Group‘s principal, certified information privacy professional and EU GDPR practitioner, Madelyn Gengelbach.

Data privacy regulations exist worldwide. The UN Conference on Trade and Development estimates that … Read More