Customer communities and the self service revolution

Many important aspects of the global contact center industry are slowly but surely changing. While some of these changes are proving to be quite subtle, others will essentially revolutionize what we accept today as an efficient and memorable customer experience. One of the solutions leading the industry revolution in the field of customer self-service is the customer community. 

The customer on-line community is not a new concept, but it is evolving to take on a … Read More

What Is Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Unattended, Attended and Hybrid?

Essentially, RPA is the use of software robots that can be programmed or trained to execute repetitive, rules-based tasks currently performed by employees.

Examples include data entry, data capture and categorisation, copying and pasting, and many of the steps in such processes as billing and accounts payable, claims or loan processing, or order fulfillment. 

But wait! RPA is not a one-size-fits-all solution. In fact, currently there are three forms of RPA: Unattended, attended and a … Read More

Verint goes from strength to strength in the APAC region

It’s clear that Verint’s enhanced functionality and omnichannel capabilities are like that of no other vendors in the region.

We understand the contact centre environment intimately, and we appreciate the evolving landscape means new customer channels, such as social and mobile contact, require extra attention to be truly effective.

Our automation capabilities of routine customer interactions through bots, Virtual Assistants and Robotic Process Automation are just some of the areas of digital transformation that customers continue to seek … Read More

Verint once again confirmed as the number one APAC contact centre application vendor

Following on from a press release issued today, we’re delighted to let you know that Verint continues to lead the way in customer engagement technology across the region, according to a study recently published by the esteemed analyst group Frost & Sullivan®.

The study shows that we have once again increased our APAC leadership over 40 other market players to take the number one position in the combined technology categories that make up the … Read More

It’s CX Day—and we celebrate the great differentiator

This week we celebrate National Customer Service Week—and today we celebrate CX Day. We are so grateful for our employees on the front lines in Customer Service—they take a relatively challenging job and deliver business-changing results. Every day. We could not run our business without them.

However, there’s more to the story. It’s the reason those employees work so hard each day. You may have heard us say this before, but it’s still true—in fact, … Read More

Celebrating the employees on the front lines of our business

This week we celebrate Customer Service Week–an annual week-long event that spotlights the people who do an increasingly complex job that presents new, unpredictable challenges every day. It’s a mission-critical function that greatly impacts the overall customer experience. Even with all the automation technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), algorithms and robots, our people continue to make the difference when it comes to service.

Have you considered that great customer service is the foundation of … Read More