The value of cross-channel voice of the customer

A few years back, it seemed forecasters everywhere were predicting the demise of the call centre as self-serve digital channels accelerated up the steep curve of early customer adoption. More recently, with the advent of automation in the form of Intelligent Virtual Assistants, natural language processing and other artificial intelligence-based tools, the extinction of the call centre was revisited. 

It is true that digital interactions are increasing. According to this 2018 McKinsey research, 48% … Read More

Driving Business Outcomes with the Voice of the Customer

We recently hosted a webinar with Forrester’s Kate Leggett discussing how Voice of the Customer can maximise the value delivered by your contact centre. And it starts by integrating this customer insight with operational data that you probably already capture. 

The capability to do this at the individual call level provides extremely effective and precise diagnosis and action. 

This is because it enables contact centre leaders to better understand the issues that they have. Are … Read More