Improving customer experience in the contact centre. The devil is in the data.

Customer experience (CX) is today’s competitive battleground, so it may come as no surprise that CX is now a strategic imperative for many contact centres.  

In fact, according to a recent survey of more than 450 contact centre leaders by Deloitte1, CX ranked as the most important strategic initiative in the contact centre—far outpacing revenue growth and cost containment.

And, many contact centre leaders report that they are now being held primarily … Read More

Delivering a great CX experience in the evolving contact centre industry

I recently co-hosted a webinar with Fifth Quadrant’s Head of Consulting, Stephanie Bauer, to discuss the release of its annual Contact Centre Benchmark Study & Report, where we unpacked operational performance, customer experience (CX) measurement and engagement in the industry.

Clear themes weaving throughout the discussion with business leaders from a wide band of frontline-heavy organisations, was the various ways digital technologies are adding new complexities, challenges and opportunities to overall CX delivery; as well … Read More

The state of machine learning in business: Ask the experts

Based on recent market polling through digital channels, I hosted a two-part webinar series, “Ask the Experts,” alongside Joe Dumoulin, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer of Verint Intelligent Self-Service, to address some of the hottest questions around Intelligent Self-Service.

Specifically, we explore the basics of machine learning and how businesses should evaluate and measure it—with a particular focus on providing the kind of practical, straightforward information that businesses need to achieve their goals. 

Machine learning … Read More

Knowledge management is essential in the world of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being applied throughout enterprises, including in contact centres, where the uses and benefits are growing with each passing day.

A little-known secret is that for an AI solution to be effective, it needs access to massive amounts of enterprise data from which to learn. This is where knowledge management (KM) comes in.

Companies that want to succeed in the world of AI need to create a centralised repository of enterprise data … Read More

New trends in employee engagement

In today’s marketplace, that’s a big question.

While maintaining a strong customer focus is paramount for any organization–increasingly, so is maintaining a strong employee focus.

Do your employees have the feeling they’re stepping back in time when they go to work? That isn’t good.

Technology that hasn’t kept up with the times can present obstacles to attracting talent.

And, it can make a big difference in the way employees engage with customers, too.

In my … Read More

5 trends that will affect your contact center in the next 10 years

Have you thought about what your contact centre will look like in ten years?

Are you ready for the changes to come with your staff, your customers, technology, and more?

Here are five trends that have already begun to shape the way we serve our customers and will make a major impact on how service evolves over time.

Millennials – Millennials already make up a large percentage of the contact centre workforce. In the next decade, … Read More

It’s time for real-time speech analytics

Speech analytics solutions can have a tremendous impact on your contact centre efficiency, quality and compliance.

By listening to and analysing every word spoken during customer service interactions, you can find places where agents are struggling, topics that cause the most customer frustration and customers who may be likely to abandon your brand.

But why wait until the calls are complete to gain these insights?Real-time Speech Analytics analyses the words spoken on a call in … Read More

Is your contact centre future-proofed?

t seems that technology is evolving at a faster pace than ever before.

What was innovative just five years ago is now outdated. At the same time, customer and employee expectations have evolved just as quickly.

So how can you be sure the investments you are making in your contact centre will keep you successful in the years to come?

It’s important to make strategic investments that provide the foundation for great service, both now … Read More

APAC telecom giant expands investment in Verint solutions

Verint is proud to announce that a leading telecommunications and media company in the Asia Pacific region has expanded its investment in Verint solutions, and is now using 
Automated Quality Management™ workforce engagement software to heighten performance and service delivery across the organisation.

The company has embraced the power of automation to ensure modern, employee-empowering and cost-effective quality management (QM) systems are at play.

The organisation’s contact centre agents handle tens of millions of calls … Read More