Intelligent self-service: Three ways to grow consumer comfort with automated, robotics-driven interactions

You want seamless experiences with the companies you do business with—and so do your customers.

More than ever, offering choices that are both human- and technology-based can offer your customers better service and free up your customer service employees to do more interesting, engaging work.

In my new article for Customer Think, I discuss three guidelines for implementing self-service projects carefully, with consistent involvement by the CX team to help ensure they achieve as … Read More

Two days until GDPR. Are you ready?

With mere hours to go before the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect, it seems appropriate to take a few minutes to reflect on the approaches and issues we have seen amongst those we have been talking to.

What is probably most concerning is the number of organisations that do not understand the need for them to comply with the GDPR.

Although designed to protect the rights and privacy of those residents within … Read More

Intelligent self-service answers the call

“Hey, Siri. Tell me a joke.” 

Remember those early iPhone commercials with celebrities conversing with Siri as if she were human?

How little did I, and most others I suspect, know how that entertaining bit of commercial nonsense was about to change our expectations of customer self-service. 

Today’s customer service is driven in large part by the expectations of the Millennial generation, which represents the largest living generation.

The majority of today’s consumers grew up … Read More

Full speed ahead with analytics and automation

I recently met with two leaders from the cruise line, and they shared insights and experiences on how they drive customer engagement—while adding real value to their organisation by leveraging some of the latest analytics and automation capabilities.

Here’s some of what they’re doing: 

Leverage speech analytics to identify and implement innovative business improvement solutions.

They discussed how speech analytics can transcribe and analyse 100 percent of their recorded interactions between guests and the contact … Read More