Why your biggest CX issues shouldn’t always be your top CX priorities

mproved customer experience can have huge and widespread impact on success against broader business objectives – such as increasing revenue and improving customer loyalty.

But only if they’re focused in a way to drive biggest bottom-line impact.

I’ve worked with companies across various industries examining customer-initiated feedback to uncover CX pain points. In presenting my findings to clients, I have learned there is no “one size fits all” approach to prioritising and acting on feedback.… Read More

Consumers still crave the human touch In customer service

Consumers still crave human engagement in customer service meaning an over reliance on digital channels can jeopardise customer relationships, according to a Verint White Paper, The Digital Tipping Point.

Our research found a customer’s channel preference is contextual and there are several instances where digital doesn’t stack up.

“Ultimately, all channels need to be present. It will not be a landslide to digital or back to voice but a waterfall effect,” according to Mary Wardley, … Read More

Make digital innovation your business priority in 2018

When it comes to enhancing the customer experience, digital innovation can have a significant impact upon customer satisfaction and loyalty. Digital has the power to unlock a rich portfolio of insights and reveal valuable data about customer engagement levels, buying preferences and emotional drivers.

Given that 84% of Australians access the internet daily, CEOs and leaders who own the digital space will be better equipped to boost customer engagement and promote brand awareness.

Creating … Read More